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It has come to my attention that this method of searching for something that at least gives me a few introductory lessons free before asking for my credit card details is sadly futile, so this will be my last post on this topic... for now

Here are the rest of the original sites I listed:

Now Skillshare I spoke about in my last post. Lynda, although I have heard great things about it, is also quite costly AND of course you get a free month provided you put your credit card details into their system. Creativelive has a lot of courses and their pricing is affordable, but when I went onto their list of free lessons hoping to just get a taste of how the course would go, there was a message on both of the "free" lessons I clicked on saying that "This lesson is only available to students who have purchased the class". Hmph. So onto my last hope for this little list, Pluralsight... I didn't even get further than 'Try us for free... for ten days... but put in your card details first' before giving up on this endeavor.

I am sorry I couldn't provide you with a lovely list of free resources and actually try some out to improve my Illustration techniques, but I will find a way - watch this space! In the meantime I'm going to back away from this line of pursuit until I have a brainwave or the time to troll through YouTube video's - hoping that I will be getting the right advice.

I realize that as a freelance designer it is vital to keep my skill set fresh as well as be up to date with trends etc. but a girl also has to earn a living and I did give it a good do at looking for an Illustration course and will again - just not today, or tomorrow...

Please feel free to comment and let me know if there is such a thing as a free lunch, erm I mean course, otherwise, until next time, all power to your imaginations! Karen

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