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Retail marketing

I have worked as a freelancer for Builders Warehouse Marketing department for a solid year and a half, and thereafter, whenever necessary. I have also worked at Streamline Advertising where much of the requirements are for retail marketing.

As this is such a fast turn-around business, I find myself normally working on-site in these circumstances and am happy to do so should the requirement be there.


I have a grasp on what is needed in the sometimes manic world of Retail Marketing and love the challenge

I have worked on-site doing a variety of things at an hourly rate (I supply you with a timesheet showing all I have done). The projects I have done on-site include:

  • The quick, efficient and design-awareness that is putting product catalogues together.   This is often when the busy season hits and companies find themselves getting behind. Simply let me know and I will come and jump straight in until you are up-to-date or happy with your progress

  • Advertisements, writing, proof-reading and editing when necessary

  • Billboard design

  • Electronic notice board designs as well as website elements

  • Booklets and brochures
  • Packaging for a product
  • The effective observation, editing, and putting templates into place for new company Corporate Identities.

So, if you would like the convenience or have a system that requires me to be at your company, this can be arranged. I keep very honest hours and will not let you down.

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