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How DO I pick the right logo?

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

How to pick a perfect logo

I wanted to write this from a client's perspective, as a designer, so if you are looking for a logo and options have been submitted to you, here are some thinking points on how to pick the perfect logo for your business.

After reading an article for designers by David Airey (writer and designer of the Logo Design Love book, which is now in its second edition and has sold more than 50,000 copies) I decided to summarise his top ten points but from the position of someone deciding on what logo to use.

  1. Be prepared to tell the designer: What you do, and how you do it? What makes you different? What your core client demographic is and what you value the most.

  2. Expect and value sketches that are sent to you – they are insurance that your logo will be unique and not “clip-art”

  3. Concentrate on the design before getting to the color version. Your ideal logo should hold it’s own even when black and white, so if it looks good in 1 color the chances of it being a good logo are high

  4. Ensure the design is relevant for the ideas and activities it represents. Is the logo aligned to your companies current branding and demographic or product?

  5. Don’t be put off by simplicity, and after all, as an anonymous author wrote: “The most complicated skill is to be simple”

  6. Look for something different. You want your logo to be memorable, not blend into the other similar logo’s in your marketplace

  7. Think about how it will look when it’s big, small, on a poster, as a business card, etc

  8. Try to avoid picking anything too literal

  9. Remember that symbols aren’t essential

  10. Make people smile, but don’t overdo it. A good example of a logo that does this effectively is the Amazon logo

Our job as designers is to distill the essence of a brand into the shape and color that’s most likely to endure because visual appearance plays a critical part in forming a connection in our brains between what we experience and who we experience it with (the brand).

For an obligation free quote on logo design which includes sketches etc, as above, contact me at or

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