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Neuromarketing design tricks

I've always been in human behavior, and why we do the things we do. I recently started going through a free course on on Social Psychology and also came across THIS article in my travels. So, I thought I would take the opportunity to share what I find to be quite interesting insights into why people like and buy the things or services they do.

Interesting Statistics

- You may have heard about the Coke vs Pepsi test where, when blindfolded the group was a 50/50 split on preference. When told whether they were drinking Coke or Pepsi, 3 to 1 were in favor of Coke. Why? Cokes marketing works! People associated it with the emotions normally associated with its campaigns which were happy sunshiny ones.

So, here is how suggested using these neuro-tips for your marketing campaigns:

1. Make sure everything is branded everywhere (headers, images, social media, emails, etc)

2. Create scarcity of the product along with those enjoying it in visuals and text

3. Choose your colors wisely (e.g. blue = safety and peace)

4. Use fonts as part of your design. This will focus your reader's attention on the text

5. Make your content easy to scan - use sub-headings, bullets, lists.

Keep safe and please get hold of me for an obligation free quote on any design.

Until next time, Karen

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