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Hello! So, my next stop on my journey to how on earth to be great at illustration (on a Freelancers salary - and I use the term 'salary' quite wrongly) took me to Skillshare ( From there I was invited to browse their online courses, which I did and clicked on "Illustration" and chose a course called "Digital Illustration for All: Discover, Cultivate and Share Your Unique Personal Style" where I was introduced to the sassy Lacy Jordan. I watched the introductory video where-after it asked me to register for my 2-month free classes. I thought, of course, that makes sense and duly did so.

The little 'catch' I had been dreading and fearing would happen then came into play - it wanted my credit card details. I understand their sales philosophy and as I said, was in part anticipating this, but on principle this is not something I do, or can really afford to do.

Thanks Skillshare, you looked promising, but it doesn't feel "free" when you ask for my credit card details before I have learned anything other than one of the lecturers names.

For those of you keeping score, so far it's free courses: 0/2

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