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FREEBIE: More important than a credit card

Updated: May 12, 2020

I can't take any 'credit' for coming up with this idea. I saw it on Facebook once, thought "what a great idea, I must download that" and then promptly lost the image completely.

So I've put together a credit card sized design that I urge pet owners to download and use, I know I'm going to.

Just make sure your "scale to page size" isn't on or it will be HUGE, but rather just "actual size" and then write on the back and put it into your wallet. By the way, if all else fails you can use your snipping tool to grab that part of the screen, just FYI. Let me know if you find this useful - I know it will give me some re-assurance and hope it does for you too.

Until next time - love your pets, Karen

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