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I'll come to you

Whether it's for a meeting, seeing a site, getting the feel of your company, or working on-site, I will come to you. I am in Centurion but prepared to travel, so let me know if this is going to be needed beforehand and I will include it when writing your proposal. 

My aim is to make things easier for you, to assist you in whatever manner is needed.

On-site work

I have a small stable of clients who find that in the busier periods or when designers are off work, they have found themselves with too few designers and too many fast approaching deadlines. This is where I can step in and quickly learn the particulars of your marketing and assist in getting you back on track. I charge per hour for this service and you can be assured I work very very hard during those hours. I also provide a time-sheet if requested for any jobs I do on or off-site so that you can see what you are getting, and also for you to get an idea of project times and potentially avoid future panics.

I have worked on-site doing a variety of things at an hourly rate (I supply you with a timesheet showing all I have done). The projects I have done on-site include:

  • Retail marketing at different companies. This is often when the busy season hits and companies find themselves getting behind. Simply let me know and I will come and jump straight in until you are up-to-date or happy with your progress

  • Office wall and branding design as well as trade show design projects. From the creation of large wall-sized print-work to small elements or gift sets, calendars, etc. For these I have worked both on-site and partly on-site (whichever suits you)

  • Print houses. I have stood in for staff in print houses to keep the production of design and print running

  • Marketing & PR. I have assisted in filming and photography off-site as well as in-house presentations, business cards, social media sites, and general marketing items

Whatever I can do to help, I will. I'm hard working, love challenges and stretching myself and it would be my pleasure to assist you. You will be getting honesty, talent, years of experience, a fast-learner, and my full attention for however much time is needed.

So, if you would like the convenience or have a system that requires me to be at your company, this can be arranged. I keep very honest hours and will not let you down.


If you have any questions or comments please complete the form below. Alternatively, you can email me directly at for an obligation free quote.


I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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